31 Dec 2014

What Will Your New Year’s Resolution Be?

It is the exact same thing every single year.
“This year I’ll go to the gym twice a week.” or “I’ll start eating healthier” or “This year I would like to be more creative.” And so the list continues; one wish after the other which never comes true. Why is that? Why is it that our New Year’s resolution never comes true? I overall think that there are two different answers to that question.

One, you have set yourself a too big of a goal, than what you possibly would be able to achieve. 
Two, you have a hard time sticking with things. If you set yourself goals, then go through with them! Don’t be a sissy just go show them folks, what you can achieve!

My year 2014 has been an amazing year with both ups and downs. I think that my year 2014 has been my best year so far. I think and know that the year 2015 can become an even better year for me. Can yours become any better?
This year my New Year’s resolution is to do more of what I would like to do and to do more of what makes me happy.
Here are a couple of examples of my New Year’s resolution:
-         I’ll take the stairs instead of the escalator
-         I’ll play the violin
-         I’ll do more blogposts
And last but not least…

-         I’ll say yes instead of no! 

28 Dec 2014

Bits and Bots to Think About

What have we come to be? We are so egocentric and selfish. We have started only to think about the materialistic things in life. But. Have YOU ever stopped to look at something and appreciated it for what it is? Take Christmas for an example. Do YOU truly think about the pleasant time you have with your family, relatives or friends? OR. Are you more excited for the presents under the tree?


You know when your mind takes you back to very embarrassing moments? Moments you will never forget, moments that will circle in your mind all night so you’ll never get a chance to close your eyes.


When night comes running and everybody lets it take over our vision. We get blinded from the beautiful nature which lies within the edges of our imagination.