4 Jan 2015

A Complicated Situation

Sometimes life can become really complicated. I can say that I have now experienced, some sort of what should be called, a complex life. 
When you don’t know what you are feeling yourself, how should you be able to guide someone else, with their feelings?
You need to figure out what you are feeling for that one special person. It can be really difficult (trust me I know) but you have to figure it out. If you're taking too long the chance of you two being together might disappear.

I will now exemplify why it is so important to figure feelings out, both your own and your friends. Please have a think about the questions given in this following story, which is fictional:
We have three characters: Anna, Sophie and Richard.
The situation is that Anna and Richard have been friends since they were 9 years old. They have both started at two different colleges. Everything is very cheerful and they both like their own college rather than the others. Anna and Sophie attended the same class at college. They became close friends quite fast and they told each other everything. Then Anna held a party where both Sophie and Richard attended. They fell in chat and started seeing each other outside Anna’s company.

Anna had always had some feelings for Richard, but over the years they had just become friends. Then Anna started realising that Sophie and Richard were flirting. She therefor held another party to see whether or not there could be something between them. She noticed how they would annoy each other, but they never annoyed each other too much. She noticed how they were touching and how they were talking to each other. Anna started to become jealous which she couldn’t understand herself, because she told herself and everyone else that she had no feelings for him. Did she though? Can someone become jealous of someone else if they don’t love that person?

Anyway, the party ended and people went home one at the time. Anna and Sophie still saw each other and had fun talking about random stuff. They never talked about Richard though, which in some way is understandable. They were really only avoiding the real issue. Who would after all be with whom?

Later on they were together at Sophie’s, which didn’t happen too often. They sat down and had a cup of tea, when Anna suddenly said “Have you slept with Richard?”. You could really tell that this came as a shock for Sophie. She didn’t really anticipate that she would talk about him. She told Anna no and said that they had not been together since her party. Anna knew her well enough by now to know when she was lying. Therefor Anna switched topic as she didn’t want to be hurt by her best friend. They started playing games like stacking tower game and some different card games. They never got back to the topic about Richard. Anna took off earlier than usual, as their conversations ended quite fast, because they both were thinking about the bomb, which Anna dropped to start out with.

It went a while before they had a proper conversation again. They still saw each other at college and sat next to each other in class. They just didn’t get along as well as before. There was too much tension in the air, which neither of them wanted to release.

They slowly drifted apart and they both ended college fine. They had different ambitions, therefor different dreams and therefor they went separate ways. They didn’t see each other again for a long time.

10 years later they ran in to each other in their hometown. They decided to get a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. Anna had no idea why they stopped seeing each other. Therefor Sophie had to help her recall why. They talked about Richard for a good solid hour. They laughed a lot about it. Neither of them had been with Richard back then and neither of them was with Richard now. So why the enormous worry back then? It was their friendship which broke. Sad enough, they were two completely different people now. Anna lived in Manchester whilst Sophie still lived in their hometown Brighton. They never saw each other again after their little coffee chat.  

Your life is filled with decissions. Your decissions form your life.
Therefor there is two different outcomes of this story. If you want your realationships to end better than Anna's and Sophie's. Then make up your mind. Take a chance!

I saw a film the other day which reminded me of this situation. The film was 'Letters To Juliet'. The film potrays the issue of never letting someone go when you really shouldn't. 

Love never fades.

There is a new saying now a day: YOLO (You Only Live Once), try and live by it, just once in a while.

I think I have gone on and on for quite some time now. I hope you have a good one.

Peace out!
- Marie-Louise