26 Jul 2014

Pressure To Be Perfect

Is this crazy? I mean it could be worse, right? I just love Essie nail varnish. I do not know why I am telling you this, but I am just letting you know that this is only my upcoming Essie collection. I have tried out loads of other brands but they are not nearly as nice as Essie. But I did not want you to know how many there actually are. Have you tried out an Essie nail varnish? Do you like it just as much as me?

I am not a typical mainstream girl; though I am still in touch with my feminine side. I like nail varnish, make-up, girly clothes etc. But I can live without them. I don’t mind going out into the public without any make-up on; which is huge problem for many other girls. I do understand them (or ‘you‘ if you are one of them, not judging though..) to some extent. I don’t think it is their own fault. I think it mainly is advertising companies fault. The advertising companies now a day have really crossed the line in my opinion. Girls who are just a little bit more round around the belly and hip area or have spots in the face, gets forced into believing that they are fat and unhealthy and overall not pretty. Let me show you an example to make sure everyone is up to speed. 
Take a good long look at this picture and decide which girl is the most beautiful one. Btw. I high jacked this picture from a magazine.. I definitely think it is Blake Lively (the girl on the left) who is the prettiest one. I know this has been up in the media quite a few times, that curves are prettier than bones. I just wanted to show my agreement on this. 
Photoshop is also a huge part of this problem, but in this technological world we are living in, there is no way of getting rid of this problem. If we really did get rid of this huge problem(which in my opinion will not happen), what will then be the next big thing?

In my opinion companies are doing way too much for the economic achievements. Is it really okay that advertising companies are playing with girls self-confident and self-criticism?

 - Marie-Louise

24 Jul 2014

Being a Morning Person

I have always considered myself as a morning person. But after I have entered the teenage years I have enjoyed sleeping in till midday. I guess that it is quite normal, is it not? If I should choose between sleeping till midday or waking up early, I would still choose to wake up early. I just feel like it is so nice to get something out of the day and not sleep my entire life away. Even if doing something like moving my body out of my room and on to the patio, then I think that is okay, at least I get to see the day go by. Do you agree? I mean it is not to be understood that I never go anywhere and are a lonely person, but we all have those days where you cannot be bothered to get anything done. 
I know this was quite a short post, but keep your heads up, because there will be a big one coming tomorrow at 4 o' clock, stay tuned!
 - Marie-Louise

22 Jul 2014

Seeing Old Friends

Do you ever get extremely nervous when meeting up with someone you have not seen for ages? I do.. You might have been best friends at some point. But now, there has just happend so much in your life which that person has not been involved in. I feel like I have changed so much since  last time I was with this person. I feel horrible saying this, but what if we wont get along? I love this person to bits and pieces. So I think we will get along quite alright. But I am still worried. If you ever feel or have felt like this, please give this post a ‘like‘ to let me know I am not alone. 

Anyway moving on to todays topic, music. Music can really change your day, without it sounding way too cheesy, then it really does. I feel like sharing some music with you guys. Please dont start hating me for my choice of music. This is what I like, and what I recommend. 

This song is by an artist called Lukas Graham, he is half irish and half danish. The following song is his newest single, Mama Said. I like to listen to this song when I need motivation or inspiration to get started on important thing. Additionally I cannot stop singing along to his songs, especially this one. 


 - Marie-Louise

20 Jul 2014

Book review: The Fault in Our Stars

Warning – this contains minor spoilers…

This book is really the saddest one I have ever read. I do get emotional when I watch a depressing film, but I have never cried whilst reading a book. I really liked it; it had parts with both humour and sadness.

The book is about a group of children who have been very unlucky to get cancer. It is also a novel with loads of romance and teenage love. The main character, Hazel who is a writer, is looking up to an author of the book ‘An Imperial Affliction’. Obviously it is all fiction, but what I wanted to share with you today, is the pros and cons of looking up to someone. Said in other words, is okay to be a fan?

I think there are many different pros and cons to being a fan.
My version of the pros is that you get to look up to someone, which has already reached whatever you are looking for in life. It brings you joy to follow these people. The last thing is that they can take you away from your daily worries and queries about life etc.

Even though all of these pros sound really good I have found some cons to share with you as well.

The first and most worrying con is that, the person you are looking up to might not share their entire life with you. So you don’t know how they act ‘‘off camera’’. They might just be a right jerk in real life. Then again this is not meant on all famous people. You will come across people who are genuinely nice.
The other con is that you might end up spending more time on looking up to these people than actually living life yourself. You will forget to try and achieve your goals on your own.

I guess what I want to say is, that it is okay to be fan. You just have to remember to stay a little critical when you look up to someone. Not judgemental, just bear in mind that they might not be the perfect flower you are dreaming of.

This is only a couple of my pros and cons, if you have a different point of view then please feel free to write a comment below.
-   Marie-Louise

18 Jul 2014


I cannot express how much a smile means, not just to me but everyone around you. Have you ever noticed this? I watched a music video on YouTube the other day, they were smiling so much that I could not help smiling myself. It is the so called pay it forward effect. When you smile to a passer-by, he or she will politely smile back at you. Next time that person will smile at a passer-by. It might not work with all people, but one day you could end up really saving someone’s day, just by smiling. I mean how hard can it be? You feel better when you smile. You even look better, because your face is meant for smiling!

-    - Marie-Louise

16 Jul 2014

Is It Okay To Be a Wallflower?

The feeling of being left out because you are different is really not a nice feeling. I have experienced this on my own hands. It was never because anyone really was bulling me; it was more like I was one step ahead of everyone. I have never really been a teenager, if you know what I mean? I never needed to gossip. I never needed to look at my clothes and worry about what other people might think of it. It just didn’t bother me too much. I would have loved for someone to be like me and talk intelligently. Not that I considered my class mates stupid and I as a really clever one, but I just needed someone to talk to me about something else than clothes, make-up and appearances. I needed a friend. One who would understand me.

Is it a problem that haven't experienced the teenage years as a proper teenager? I don’t think it is, because I have learned so much from my observations those years. I have learned how not to behave. Do you disagree? Please feel free to write a comment below.

To everyone who knows what I am on about, I want to say it does get better. You will get friends. It just takes a little patience..
-    - Marie-Louise

14 Jul 2014

Finding That Special Person

Something I have recently learned is that you will never find someone you’ll agree completely with (at least not everything). I have friends where I share the same sense of humour, but disagree on most other things. What has always annoyed me is how odd I was placed in life. I never really fitted in anywhere. Now I know that that it is okay, because you just will never find that single person who agrees with you. And if you did, you would end up being bored. Whenever you are with other people, disagreements will appear, but it is both parties understanding of each other, that relies on a friendship or relationship lasting or not. You will always disagree with someone. If you didn’t you would be bored. 
 - Marie-Louise