16 Jul 2014

Is It Okay To Be a Wallflower?

The feeling of being left out because you are different is really not a nice feeling. I have experienced this on my own hands. It was never because anyone really was bulling me; it was more like I was one step ahead of everyone. I have never really been a teenager, if you know what I mean? I never needed to gossip. I never needed to look at my clothes and worry about what other people might think of it. It just didn’t bother me too much. I would have loved for someone to be like me and talk intelligently. Not that I considered my class mates stupid and I as a really clever one, but I just needed someone to talk to me about something else than clothes, make-up and appearances. I needed a friend. One who would understand me.

Is it a problem that haven't experienced the teenage years as a proper teenager? I don’t think it is, because I have learned so much from my observations those years. I have learned how not to behave. Do you disagree? Please feel free to write a comment below.

To everyone who knows what I am on about, I want to say it does get better. You will get friends. It just takes a little patience..
-    - Marie-Louise

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