20 Jul 2014

Book review: The Fault in Our Stars

Warning – this contains minor spoilers…

This book is really the saddest one I have ever read. I do get emotional when I watch a depressing film, but I have never cried whilst reading a book. I really liked it; it had parts with both humour and sadness.

The book is about a group of children who have been very unlucky to get cancer. It is also a novel with loads of romance and teenage love. The main character, Hazel who is a writer, is looking up to an author of the book ‘An Imperial Affliction’. Obviously it is all fiction, but what I wanted to share with you today, is the pros and cons of looking up to someone. Said in other words, is okay to be a fan?

I think there are many different pros and cons to being a fan.
My version of the pros is that you get to look up to someone, which has already reached whatever you are looking for in life. It brings you joy to follow these people. The last thing is that they can take you away from your daily worries and queries about life etc.

Even though all of these pros sound really good I have found some cons to share with you as well.

The first and most worrying con is that, the person you are looking up to might not share their entire life with you. So you don’t know how they act ‘‘off camera’’. They might just be a right jerk in real life. Then again this is not meant on all famous people. You will come across people who are genuinely nice.
The other con is that you might end up spending more time on looking up to these people than actually living life yourself. You will forget to try and achieve your goals on your own.

I guess what I want to say is, that it is okay to be fan. You just have to remember to stay a little critical when you look up to someone. Not judgemental, just bear in mind that they might not be the perfect flower you are dreaming of.

This is only a couple of my pros and cons, if you have a different point of view then please feel free to write a comment below.
-   Marie-Louise

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