22 Jul 2014

Seeing Old Friends

Do you ever get extremely nervous when meeting up with someone you have not seen for ages? I do.. You might have been best friends at some point. But now, there has just happend so much in your life which that person has not been involved in. I feel like I have changed so much since  last time I was with this person. I feel horrible saying this, but what if we wont get along? I love this person to bits and pieces. So I think we will get along quite alright. But I am still worried. If you ever feel or have felt like this, please give this post a ‘like‘ to let me know I am not alone. 

Anyway moving on to todays topic, music. Music can really change your day, without it sounding way too cheesy, then it really does. I feel like sharing some music with you guys. Please dont start hating me for my choice of music. This is what I like, and what I recommend. 

This song is by an artist called Lukas Graham, he is half irish and half danish. The following song is his newest single, Mama Said. I like to listen to this song when I need motivation or inspiration to get started on important thing. Additionally I cannot stop singing along to his songs, especially this one. 


 - Marie-Louise

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