26 Jul 2014

Pressure To Be Perfect

Is this crazy? I mean it could be worse, right? I just love Essie nail varnish. I do not know why I am telling you this, but I am just letting you know that this is only my upcoming Essie collection. I have tried out loads of other brands but they are not nearly as nice as Essie. But I did not want you to know how many there actually are. Have you tried out an Essie nail varnish? Do you like it just as much as me?

I am not a typical mainstream girl; though I am still in touch with my feminine side. I like nail varnish, make-up, girly clothes etc. But I can live without them. I don’t mind going out into the public without any make-up on; which is huge problem for many other girls. I do understand them (or ‘you‘ if you are one of them, not judging though..) to some extent. I don’t think it is their own fault. I think it mainly is advertising companies fault. The advertising companies now a day have really crossed the line in my opinion. Girls who are just a little bit more round around the belly and hip area or have spots in the face, gets forced into believing that they are fat and unhealthy and overall not pretty. Let me show you an example to make sure everyone is up to speed. 
Take a good long look at this picture and decide which girl is the most beautiful one. Btw. I high jacked this picture from a magazine.. I definitely think it is Blake Lively (the girl on the left) who is the prettiest one. I know this has been up in the media quite a few times, that curves are prettier than bones. I just wanted to show my agreement on this. 
Photoshop is also a huge part of this problem, but in this technological world we are living in, there is no way of getting rid of this problem. If we really did get rid of this huge problem(which in my opinion will not happen), what will then be the next big thing?

In my opinion companies are doing way too much for the economic achievements. Is it really okay that advertising companies are playing with girls self-confident and self-criticism?

 - Marie-Louise

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