24 Jul 2014

Being a Morning Person

I have always considered myself as a morning person. But after I have entered the teenage years I have enjoyed sleeping in till midday. I guess that it is quite normal, is it not? If I should choose between sleeping till midday or waking up early, I would still choose to wake up early. I just feel like it is so nice to get something out of the day and not sleep my entire life away. Even if doing something like moving my body out of my room and on to the patio, then I think that is okay, at least I get to see the day go by. Do you agree? I mean it is not to be understood that I never go anywhere and are a lonely person, but we all have those days where you cannot be bothered to get anything done. 
I know this was quite a short post, but keep your heads up, because there will be a big one coming tomorrow at 4 o' clock, stay tuned!
 - Marie-Louise

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